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       SFI Marketing Group is the creation of Gery Carson, who in 1980 made ​​pioneering through Direct Mail model for network marketing. The number of registered members in this program is over 2 million so far. Gery is also the author of "The greatest entrepreneurs in the home business revolution", as the editor of "Six figure income". With this background it is not surprising that new Internet marketing network runs impressive numbers. 

SFI (Strong Future InternationalMarketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 90,000 products and services (and growing daily) and sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to participate in the revolution of e-commerce worldwide. Anyone with legal age in his/her country may become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out a registration form online. There are no obligations or purchase requirements of any kind. Once registered, affiliates are provided with professional Websites for marketing SFI products on the Internet. SFI provides full support for sale, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment - all at no cost for affiliate. For each sale generated, SFI pays affiliates a commission. Additional fees may be obtained by building and leading affiliate teams.



Compliance requirements:

To create and develop your business will present you the system requirements. First I want to say that in any business, development takes time. A first and important requirement is to allocate your time to develop it and you can allocate how much time you want, depending on how fast you want to grow.

  • For beginners I recommend to learn the lessons offered by SFI or from my website, and develop your business it is necessary to know certain strategies. Do not worry, the lessons are not difficult to understand and I can assure you that everything you learn will be used for business development.

  • No need to sell products, you will focus on system affiliates. You should try to sponsor as many personal affiliates as you can. I recommend you try to in cooperate only with those who think they have the potential to become a Team Leader. Business potential big income starts at 6 affiliates. If the company gives you 2 a month, you should sponsor 4 affiliates to start a beautiful business in the first month.

  • You have to know English language medium to deal with the site menu and lessons offered. No need to have advanced knowledge about complex websites made ​​(you get one that you develop your business), internet marketing, sales etc. You will learn step by step each desired method. You can learn a lot about sponsoring affiliates and / or selling products. If you would like to know both methods then you will learn both.

  • You have to love what you do and if you hope to enroll today and over a week you expect to receive a check for $ 10,000 you are in the wrong place. This is not a gamble, you have to think that two years will pass quickly and if you act now for your future you'll be able to be financially independent.

You should not be ashamed of your business. You need to tell the world what kind of business you are in because you never know if a friend of yours is already involved or is interested in starting an online business. Firstly sponsor and train your first six affiliates then if they are as active as you are, half the job is complete! Your success really depends on theirs.


You will get help

  • We offer support from our team because we are interested in your success. You can contact us by Team Mail after you have registered or you can contact me directly at the email address gabrielenegeorge@gmail.com

  • Many websites customized presentation (English), ready built for you to develop an international business.

  • 1000 + lessons and courses to be able to start immediately present your business and develop it.

Business at home, built on winning system references have begun to take more success with the internet revolution. Given that the Internet is doing at the moment daily transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it is clear to understand that there may be great opportunities for working from home. The company offers commissions for every affiliate who scored at least 1500 points, sales commission, briefly to tell you: all what you buy, you score points, you receive commissions. Therefore, the company wins, you win, and affiliates win!


Can I start the business if I am employed, pensioner or student?

By registering you will be your own boss, and to succeed you will not have to sacrifice more than 1-2 hours a day.  Your program work you will only set yourself. Many of the members are teachers, doctors, workers, pensioners, students, etc... Some of them have very limited time resources and they invest so much available.  Whether it is 3 hours per week or 3 hours a day, their efforts bear fruit - sooner or later. It is important to really want to stay steady in your efforts.


This opportunity is fair and legal?

It's a correct and legal opportunity and it's a legally registered company. We encourage you to undertake your research about the company.


Can you start without paying?

You can see how the system works without paying one cent. So you can make a clear impression of what the program offers and what chances of success you have.  The most important thing, you can start your business and you can contact the support team. If after a certain period you do not want to go, there you can go into your account and see how you can cancel or continue working to earn money.


Why it is a global business?

Because you can find affiliates anywhere there is internet. Treating seriously the global nature of business, it is important to note that after your business starts taking shape you can start to invest some money to promote heavily outside. At this stage we are already speaking of turnover of tens of thousands of dollars. This is called a business - it can become a big business, a global business.


Receive support and help

This business is a great opportunity to make money from home; you can have a stable source of income and a network of partners that will always help you to develop your business. You're one of the few people who are supported in developing the business; you are part of the people who promote the system and methods without which you could hardly grow your business. If you are tired of websites that promise you money overnight only if you buy the product or pay to join, then you are welcome in this business for free. Looking at myself when I was a student, I wished for an online business opportunity where no investment required, I searched until I found SFI.

I researched, I learned about the promotion and how to help affiliates learn by SFI lessons offered. I have not invested any money for promotion until I started getting income, and proceeds provided by the SFI and I have invested in promotion and affiliates multiply each month.


What the website offers?

  • Fair, realistic, attractive and quality information, if you decide to enroll prospectus knowingly makes, assuming it is not the day to start making thousands of dollars.

  • After registration you will have courses and lessons that come on your way, such as the use of Face book, Google, free classifieds, blogs, how to guides your affiliates the right direction and most importantly for 70 cents per day site offers a promotion across the Internet, in every country, on all major social websites.

  • You will receive free lessons through e-mails every day about promoting your business, the lessons are designed for people with no experience in internet marketing, so if you decided for this deal I am  sure that you get one of the best team leaders have learned that and you.

  • You can ask for help from leaders in your up line, if you're recruited by one who is the beginning and has not the necessary experience and not the knowledge to guide you on the right track, there is an informative forum where you can gather information and help from people in the same country or city. You can ask questions and you will receive answers, users with more experience can give you tips that could help you.


How do I get paid?

The choice is yours; you can choose which option you want. Perhaps you feel more satisfied when you see the check in hand or maybe you like the transfer to be made immediately without waiting for the check to come home. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of receiving money or reward for your efforts that you have undertaken in developing your own business. I do not want to scare you by thinking that it's hard but honestly it will not be a one night thing and you just wake up with millions of dollars. For PayPal minimum withdrawal is $ 20 and will be charged a $ 2 fee per transaction, no matter the amount.


Why do we want to help you?

The answer is simple: your success is ours, so you can get what everyone wants in life, financial freedom. If you do not like it you can quit anytime without paying anything, but since it's free and you have nothing to lose I suggest you try, that future depends on you if you keep doing what you did in the past the future will be exactly like this. If you want to change the future must begin by changing your present.